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October 7, 2020: NEW!: Camper Vans For Sale

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November 14, 2017:  LYFT is coming to Canada! RideBoard.ca has your LYFT PROMO CODE.

February 6 to 12, 2017 is #CarpoolWeek
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What is RideShare, CarPool, CarShare, RideHail...?

RideShare tends to refer to a one-way, one time trip. Usually this is a travel related journey, of a longer distance, between cities. Passengers will share some of the drivers expenses. This is a personal vehicle. The transaction is not-for-profit and non-commercial.

CarPool usually refers to a regularly scheduled, commuter trip. For example, co-workers will share the costs of a commute to work on a daily basis. Expenses are shared in a cost-sharing, non-commercial transportation model.

CarShare is an organized alternative to individual car ownership. A CarSharing service provides access to vehicles for individual use. Members of a CarSharing organization are able to use private vehicles for short term bookings of a few hours at a time.

RideHail is a new term used to describe a commercial operation of private individuals offering rides in their personal vehicle. This involves the use of “digital dispatch services,” such as apps. The term "ridehail" has begun to be used to differentiate this commercial practice from non-commercial "ridesharing." To date, the only business operating in Canada is Uber. However, Uber faces numerous legal and procedural challenges. 

RideShare / Carpool Services

Ontario: Craigslist RideShare | Kijiji RideshareCouchsurfing Toronto RideShare | RideShare Ontario | Regional RideShare

Quebec: Allo-Stop | Covoitureage MontrealCraigslist RideShare | Kijiji Rideshare Montreal

BC: HitchPlanet | BC Rideshare | Ride-Share.com | Golden RideShare (fb) | Sea to Sky (fb) | Kijiji Vancouver RideshareCraigslist Vancouver RideShare 

Eastern Canada: Maritime RideShare | Kijiji Halifax RideshareCraigslist Halifax RideShare

Canada: Carpool.ca | AmigoExpress (francais) / KangaRide (English) | Ride-Share.ca | Ride-Share Canada

CouchSurfing RideShare: RideShare USACouchsurfing RideShare 

FaceBook Groups: Canada RideShare | Ontario/Quebec RideShare | Montreal/Toronto RideShare | USA America Rideshare

Big Picture RideShare: iCarPool.com | Carpool World | CarpoolingNetwork.com | ShareYourRide.net | Ridester | CarSurfing

RideSharing Tips: Ride-Share.com Tips | 'Ride Share in Canada'

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CarShare, RideHail, BikeShare ... and more

CarShare: Car2Go (Toronto) | ZipCar | AutoShare Toronto | Student CarShare | Community CarShare | Communauto

RideHail: Uber Toronto | UBER $20 PROMO CODE | LYFT PROMO CODERideHail.caPersonalDriver.ca

Bike Share: Bike Share Toronto | BIXI Montreal | Right Bike Ottawa

Deliver A Car: DeliverACar.ca | HitTheRoad.ca

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